Zoom Rosewood Hydrating Fragrance Mist

Rosewood Hydrating Fragrance Mist



Fresh and sultry, our Rosewood Fragrance Mist blends beautiful notes of rose water with creamy santal and tangy lemon.


We wanted to make a fragrance that NOURISHES not dries our your skin. Moisturizing coconut glycerin free-radical fighting grape leaf extract, and organic alcohol hydrate the skin. 


Fragrance: 70% Certified Organic Alcohol*, Distilled Water, Coconut-Derived Glycerin, Grape Leaf Tincture**, Rose*, Cypress, Neroli*, Bergamot*, Agarwood, MCT, Cedarwood Virginia*, Vanilla CO2*, Benzoin, and Sandalwood*

 *Certified Organic and **Esas-Made

 At cooler temperatures, the normally clear organic coconut extract may become opaque, but will clear again in room temperature with no affect on product and fragrance performance.

      Our holistic approach to beauty includes eco-friendly packaging


  • Refillable glass bottle with aluminum cap
  • 100% recyclable boxes with no added plastic lamination.
  • Compostable mailers
  • Fliers made with 100% post consumer recycled paper with eco-friendly non-toxic ink and are manufactured locally

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  • Send us a text at 1 (844) 542-0456
  • Or mail at P.O. Box 934, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

    Rosewood Hydrating Fragrance Mist