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Your New 4-in-1 Rinse-Free Hand Cleanser

Our all-natural organic Kolonya™ is a rinse-free cleanser x moisturizer x protectant x fragrance all-in-one. Available in 3 sizes and 15 scents.

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A Hand Cleanser + Scents of a City

Our Limited Edition KolonyaTM Destinations Collection features the scents of eight of our favorite destinations around the world. Where will Kolonya take you?


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Committed to the Wellness of you

Non-toxic organic ingredients formulated into products that deliver superior benefits without compromising the health of the people who use them.

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Committed to the Wellness of Mother Nature

From the sourcing of our certified-organic ingredients to our eco-friendly packaging, we are committed to creating a regenerative and sustainable way of living for all.

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"Beautiful scents to effectively transport you to exotic locales from the comfort of your own home"

Why Esas Beauty Kolonya™ Hand Cleanser?

Certified Organic

Our Kolonya™ is a hand cleanser that is 100% all-natural and 97% organic.


Our eco-friendly packaging is biodegradable, compostable, recycled or reusable.


Our Kolonya™ is made with no synthetic fragrance and no artificial dyes, is non-gmo, and toxin-free.

Moisturizing &

Rich in anti-oxidants, our Kolonyatm protects, hydrates, and reverses the signs of aging.

Safe for Kids & Pets

Because our Kolonya™ is made with 70% organic alcohol, it is safe to use on little hands and furry paws too.


Made in NYC.

15 years experience in the beauty industry taught us one simple truth: there is a better way to do beauty that’s good for you, and good for Mother Earth.

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Natural beauty

rooted in tradition.

From the Turkish Hammam baths to our grandmother’s at-home rituals, our products are formulated from old family secrets passed through generations, scientifically improved for our new world.

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“This is the best and most convenient sanitizer, moisturizer, serum and ointment in one!”


“It’s a must-have for me ! I keep the travel size stocked so I can always have it on the go!”


“I love the scent as well as the wonders it does for my skin! ”


“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity,
and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”
sir isaac newton