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A hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol that kills germs and bacteria, smells great, and doesn't dry out your hands? It does indeed exist—and Esas’s limited-edition destination series features beautiful scents to effectively transport you to exotic locales from the comfort of your own home.


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A rinse-free cleanser doesn't sound like much, but Esas' Kolonya — named for the age-old Turkish tradition dating back to the Ottomon Empire — is our new favorite way to keep our hands fresh when we're not near a sink. The antioxidant-rich formula keeps hands soft and hydrated despite containing 70% alcohol, and the hints of citrus and mint make using it feel luxurious, not antiseptic.



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For the Wellness Guru.  Organic Beauty Rooted in Tradition. Cleanse your hands with Esas Kolonya. Natural, sustainable and cruelty free.


MARKETS INSIDER : Welcome joy into your home with Esas Beauty's KOLONYA™

Hoşgeldin. It's a simple, yet powerful Turkish welcoming which roughly translates to, "I hope you come with joy." Hosts use this greeting as they pour kolonya, the time-honored Turkish symbol of health and hospitality, into the palms of their guests' hands as both a cleanser and refreshing parfum. This centuries-old tradition is the inspiration behind Esas Beauty's debut product, KOLONYA™.