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Kismet Fragrance


Born from an unexpected overpour, this originally Unnamed scent captivates with a warm, powdery sweetness, a creamy citrus, and a hint of intoxicating golden vanilla.

Big news! Our 'Unnamed' fragrance now has a name that's as distinct as its scent, all thanks to your input.

Introducing 'Kismet' - A Name Fated to Be.

Cheers to our creative community member SARA(hi there!), whose brilliant suggestion won our hearts. Kismet isn't just about luck; it's the sweet spot where craft meets chance, yielding a fragrance that lingers with purpose. 

Think of it as a fortunate blend of sugared vanilla and amber with a citrus twist, grounded yet uplifting.

According to Sara, it transports her to “A coastal cliff side in the Mediterranean as the first citrus fruits begin to ripen, when the early spring sun rises on still frosted ground. An intoxicating kiss of creamy amber and floral citrus notes that is as delicate as it is deep. A fortuitous meeting of artistry and happenstance: kismet. 

Thanks for being part of this fragrant journey. Grab your bottle of 'Kismet' and let the scent do the talking!


We wanted to make a fragrance that NOURISHES not dries our your skin. Moisturizing coconut glycerin free-radical fighting grape leaf extract, and organic alcohol hydrate the skin. 


Certified Organic Alcohol*, Distilled Water, Coconut-Derived Glycerin, Grape Leaf Tincture**, Mandarin, Bergamot*, Mimosa, Neroli*, Gardenia*, Tonka Bean, Vanilla CO2*, and Amber Essential Oils; *Certified Organic and **Esas-Made

Disclaimer: For external use only.

Esas Hydrating Fragrance Mists are made with high-quality all natural ingredients and is not allergen-free.  The ingredients are recognized as safe for the skin. As everyone has skin that responds uniquely, we advise users to patch test inside the elbow and read all ingredients before using.  Stop use if irritation occurs. 

Our holistic approach to beauty includes eco-friendly packaging 

  • Refillable glass bottle with aluminum cap
  • 100% recyclable boxes with no added plastic lamination.
  • Compostable mailers
  • Fliers made with 100% post consumer recycled paper with eco-friendly non-toxic ink and are manufactured locally

  • Drop a hello at hello@esasnyc.com
  • Send us a text at 1 (844) 542-0456

    Kismet Fragrance


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Anne Noble
    Creamsicle? Orange twist? Orange dream?

    There's a hint of orange, vanilla, and powder. It smells delicious, dreamy and comforting all at the same time. Lovely!

    A Little Bit Of Everything

    This is the perfect feminine scent! A little bit citrusy, a little bit floral, a little bit creamy and a little bit sweet and bright. I really don’t think anyone couldn’t love this fragrance— it has so many beautiful notes in it that I think will come out differently for everyone! My husband even commented on it when he hugged me— so you know it’s a winner. To me, the best way I can describe it is creamy lime meets Bare. There is a subtle powdery essence to it but I am super averse to floral and powdery scents and the notes in UNAMED are subtle enough to not bother me. It’s truly an ESAS original!

    Settles into such an intoxicating scent

    I put this on my wrist to test it out in the morning. By evening, putting my Baby to bed and laying with my arm under my head, the sweet smell was intoxicating. I just kept sniffing it and say “ohh.” I couldn’t believe it lasted all day, even through hand washing. It settled into such a beautiful scent. I even woke up the next morning and it still was as fresh as the night before. Obsessed! Thank you ESAS for this “mistake.”

    interesting new fragrance

    Unnamed is a unique scent. I love the name that they chose for it. It does have a bit of a powdery aspect to the scent. Not sure yet if I really like it or not, just got it in the this afternoon. I will need to spend more time with it. It reminds me to new books. Walking into a great bookstore with a lot of great new books. The more that it dries down, the more powdery scented it gets. It is more of a spring like scent.

    A bit masculine

    I like the smell but it is a bit too masculine for me to enjoy as my own perfume. My 13 year old daughter also assumed it was for a man when I asked her to sample/ for her opinion on the smell.