We are committed to sustainable practices for better health for you and the planet

How we’re sustainable...

Sustainable Ingredients

95% of our ingredients are grown in the USA.

We distill our own proprietary extracts from local farms.

We refuse to use palm oil, a major contributing factor to the destruction of rain forests.

We are committed to sustainable and regenerative ingredient sources.

We strive to reduce product miles by sourcing as locally as possible.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We are committed to using glass beakers.

Our recycling practices are organized and allotted properly each day.

We refuse to use palm oil, a major contributing factor to the destrcution of rain forests.

Our extraction processes are regenerative so that we recover as much concentrated extract and organic diluent as possible.

We reduce energy and water use while also limiting product waste through our choice of machinery and ingredient storage.

Sustainable Packaging

We use 100% recyclable shipping boxes with no added dyes.

Our printed fliers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content.

Our foam is made from startch and degrades readily in water.

Our packing tape is made with kraft paper and water to reduce plastic usage and ease recycling.

Our pumps are made of recycable alumnimum with limited plastic usage.

Our bottle are made from glass and are refillable, reusable, and recycable.