Our 25+ years of combined experience as beauty chemists and cosmetic scientists allow us to create innovatively for you

How we’re science-forward...

Proprietary Extracts

Each extraction process can be quite extensive from first hand-picking each vegetable, drying them in temperatures to maintain their anti-oxidant and anti-aging integrity, and extracting them with a sustainable machine that allows us to re-use the diluent originally used to extract the vitamin benefits.

Our proprietary extracts include:

* Grape leaf extract from a local vineyard

* Chlorophyll extract from local indoor vertical farm’s bok choy and spinach


We’re able to achieve high levels of moisturizing hydration due to:

1. The high quality ingredients we selected based on scientific research and expertise.

2. The proprietary processing methods of these ingredients we implemented for ultimate efficacy and bioavailability. The engineering behind our products is chosen specifically to improve product performance.

Ingredient Research + Product Efficacy

Every ingredient we choose has been selected based on our research and expertise through our 25+ years of combined experience as chemists and cosmetic scientists in the beauty industry.

Every ingredient we choose is highly effective on its own.

Each ingredient we choose works synergistically with each other.