Amanda leads her lifestyle based on a generous and competitive spirit.

Driven by compassion, innovation, and novel solutions, she enjoys leading creative resolutions that can help others - especially when it comes to overall health and skin wellness. Her love for travel has also been insightful in learning how different cultures use their local ingredients to feed and heal their communities.

With a thirst for understanding her own skin health, Amanda has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a minor in Public Health & Policy, and a Master of Science in Cosmetic Chemistry. Having worked for 10 years at a global fine fragrance and flavor company, she excelled in her roles which evolved from a lab chemist to managing a team for one of the fastest growing categories in the company. In addition to her technical experience, she was able to coordinate and manage the construction and execution of building a lab in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

While growing up in a loving Filipino family, she also struggled daily with acutely sensitive skin. It wasn’t until she adapted an organic skincare and overall health routine that Amanda honestly started to heal her severe eczema in 3 days - and for the first time - steroidal free.

Taking well-studied chemistry and real life experiences, she is beyond thrilled to share ESAS products with her family, friends, and you.