Spring, Sustainability and Sneak Peeks!

Hello Esas Beauty community!

We’ve loved sharing and hearing from you on Instagram, especially our conversations on topics like seeking the truth behind the brand (i.e., Oatly’s not all it’s cracked up to be) and sustainability hacks that are actually feasible for “real” life. What better way to keep those discussions going than through our newsletter? Keep reading below to learn about what’s been going on in our world and for our latest and greatest tips to turn you into a sustainability superhero. 

Time flies when you’re building better beauty

Last month, we were busy bees—launching new products (CBD + Kolonya, anyone?) and planning for something big in April. Hint: a fresh, beachy sea breeze is coming your way!

We’re also excited to be participating in Showfields beginning last Friday, April 15th. If you’re not familiar with the “most interesting store in the world” be sure to check out their website, and if you’re in the Tri-State area, consider heading to Bond St. or booking a virtual tour! We’ll have our Kolonya dispensers set up throughout the store, and we’ll also be a part of the We Gave What experience.

Raising the bar for sustainability

You may have seen the recent John Oliver episode about the environmental crisis plastic is causing, and maybe you’ve also been reading about how those plastics are ending up on our plates. Yup, that’s right, in our food. 

According to Harvard, 14 million tons of microplastics are layering the ocean floor. Reducing plastic waste is ESSENTIAL to a healthier food chain. When you start to trace the origins of the foods you consume, you eventually make it down to a tier of living things that will feed on those microplastics at the bottom of the ocean. Another organism eats that creature thereby ingesting microplastics and so on, resulting in microplastics hiding in everything we consume. 

It’s frightening to think about, and although most of the impact is actually coming from large corporations, there are some hacks that can help you to minimize your footprint.

One easy way is switching out your bottle of body wash for a bar of soap. That way you eliminate your use of all the plastics that make up the body wash container. Plus, bar soap is just more economically friendly. It is great at cleaning makeup brushes, and you get more uses out of each bar, too! 

For all of our chic sustainable beauty lovers, there are so many luxury bar soap options nowadays. We built Esas on the premise that sustainability is fashionable! Our beautiful bottles are made from glass and are recyclable and reusable. Our shipping boxes have no added dyes, our fliers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content, our foam is made from corn starch that degrades readily in water, and our packing tape is made with kraft paper and water to reduce plastic usage to ease recycling.

We’re in this together, and can’t wait to share more sustainability hacks with you. Until next time!