The Making of Esas's Japanese Mokuro Candle

The Making of Esas's Japanese Mokuro Candle

We never thought we would be making candles (AGAIN!), let alone Fall scented ones. But here we are….

In our previous careers at a leading fine fragrance chemical giant, we were responsible for one of the largest scented candle businesses in the world.  We olfactively owned the Fall season, so to speak. Our days were filled with not-so-nice pumpkin spice, toxic polycyclic musks that never biodegrade and have even been detected in human beings and our oceans [Pub Med 17612154].

We couldn’t have been happier to bid adieu to all those harmful chemicals when we started Esas Beauty. 

So, why are we making candles?

This all started when our customers kept requesting us to make a line of healthy scented candles. We thought, what do you need us for? Aren’t there a million organic candles already? On closer examination however, we discovered there was not ONE candle company making truly good-for-you candles. And so, with one ingredient at a time, we carefully selected, researched and formulated what would become our Mokuro candle line. Inspired by the Japanese art of candle making, we sourced Japanese sumac berry wax and created a one-of-a-kind scented candle.

And what is a candle line without Fall scents? Because, let’s be honest, Fall nights are the perfect time to open a bottle of red wine, sit in front of the fire place and smell your favorite candle.

So here is Fall by Esas re-imagined, re-created and re-vamped for the Fall lover, not-so-Fall lover, and the in between lover. We give you a variety of sophisticated Fall scents you can enjoy and are healthy for you and your loved ones. Organic, sustainably made candles with no soy, palm or petroleum-based waxes, and ingredients our grandmas would be proud of.

Try our Cinnamon & Spice candle scent made with indulgent notes of sweet cinnamon, creamy cardamom, buttery tonka and a touch of woods for the ultimate yet elevated Pumpkin Spice.

We hope you love what we’ve made for you!   


Seda & Amanda

Co-founders, Esas Beauty