Is unscented good enough?

Hi! I’m Amanda, co-founder and formulator behind Esas. After working with Seda in the industry for 25+ years combined, we agree: synthetic fragrance is toxic.

But going fragrance-free or unscented is still not good enough. 

Parabens (preservative), paraffin (candle wax), butane (deodorant propellant) etc. are toxic ingredients in the unscented version of the product, NOT the “scent”.

According to EWG, there are over 10,000 ingredients used in beauty products and add the 3,000 ingredients from the fragrance industry and you have yourself a lot of reading to do.

We started Esas to cut through the clutter and make healthy versions of your scented favorites. We started with hand cleansers, then candles, perfume and now deodorants. Using science-backed natural formulations, we list every ingredient so you can decide, for yourself, IF this is the right product for you.

With hundreds of 5 star reviews since we launched, we’re excited to share our products and their range of natural scents:

Hamam is our newest all over body deodorant spray. It deodorizes for 24 hours with tested and high quality probiotics that break down odor at the source.  It cleanses & hydrates the most delicate skin and refreshes with great selling organic scents.

Kolonya has become everyone's favorite way to cleanse the hands.  We use USDA organic botanical alcohol, plant-based hyaluronic acid and coconut derived glycerin to kill bacteria and nourish the skin.

Mokuro is our version of deconstructing and reconstructing the candle via blending Japanese wild berries and coconut wax. Scent your space without harming the environment or yourself.

And our hydrating fragrance mists made with organic and premium ingredients that care for your skin and boost your mood. Think fragrance with benefits.