FEARLESS is an INNOVATIVE and NON-TOXIC scent formula that is unlike any other. Specially formulated to empower and embolden the spirit deep within, it mixes with your body chemistry to create your own unique scent. Cozy and luxurious, FEARLESS is a vibe all of its own. We're always excited to introduce you to new fragrances that only include ingredients which put your health and well-being first and don't compromise Mother Earth in the sourcing and production processes.

However, this fragrance release just feels bigger.

It's the result of our perseverance and honoring ancient traditions of perfume development that highlight the truth and purity of organic ingredients. We've created a scent that truly captures why we even started Esas Beauty in the first place. We took that big step away from the stability of corporate jobs to develop products that are safe and healthy from the ground up. We want to celebrate the resilience of individuality and empower you all to be fearless in your lives.


In the top of the fragrance, sensual and mysterious notes of pink peppercorn add a touch of cold freshness to woody earthy tones of cypriol. Decadent middle notes of cocoa absolute, creamy coconut pulp and warm benzoin create an addictive and intoxicating aroma that envelop the subtle lush and watery floralcy of ylang ylang and violet leaf. Bottom notes of pure vanilla and creamy sandalwood come together to gratify your most carnal desires.


We wanted to make a fragrance that nourishes - not dries our your skin. Moisturizing coconut glycerine and free-radical fighting grape leaf extract hydrate the skin. Our small batched organic alcohol is derived from sustainable sugar cane which contains no harmful chemical additives and is regenerative for the environment.

It's bold to make a scent that smells nothing like any of the current (or past) top perfumes in the world, but there's something so freeing about letting ourselves be our own influencers in determining what smells amazing. And, trust us. FEARLESS smells incredible. We hope FEARLESS will give you the confidence to take that leap of faith... that you've always wanted to.

Stay non-toxic friends,

Seda & Amanda

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