Over at Esas Beauty, we’ve been getting nostalgic for more carefree times as memories from last year continue to pop up on our phones, reminders of past get-togethers, day trips, and global getaways. Reminders of when things felt simple. Like picking up a few things at the grocery store, catching up with a friend over cocktails, or even cozying up to a good book with coffee at our local cafe. 

We’re also missing the singular phrase, “The world is your oyster,” manifesting itself in our travels. We long for seaside vacations in Bodrum, exploring Tokyo by foot, and savoring a glass of wine (or maybe a bottle!) at a Parisian brasserie.

Our favorite thing about traveling is discovering new rituals, customs, and traditions of the places we visit. Since none of us can make the physical journey, at the moment, we set out to create global experiences and bottle them up to share with you. One could even say KOLONYA™ is an amalgamation of our passion for ingredients and exploration. The DESTINATIONS™ Collection was inspired by our desire to find a new way, through the use of KOLONYA™, to transport people all around the world. 

When we sat down to imagine these places and their signature scents, we knew we wanted input from all of you. We loved hearing what fragrances places like St. Barth’s and New York City evoke in you. You inspired the fragrance combinations behind the eight new destinations. We lightly scented each KOLONYA™ with organic ingredients to create aromatic experiences, nuanced with notes like French lavender, Madagascar vanilla, Turkish rose, Italian lemon, and more.  

Each bottle is meant to provide the perfect mini escape… a fleeting moment of salty Mediterranean breezes or a walk down a quaint cobblestone street in Europe. When you pour out Palawan Islands, you’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise filled with the sweet, floral, and spiciness of the national flower, Ylang Ylang. Or maybe, you long for a wintry getaway? St. Moritz is that perfect ski day in the Swiss Alps, capturing notes of cool citrus and crisp sage that will refresh and awaken your senses. 


The DESTINATIONS™ Collection is that ideal travel sidekick - a rinse-free hand cleanser, fragrance, moisturizer, and anti-aging serum all in one - that you can use to elevate even the most ordinary of days.


We can’t wait to start using our passports again, but until then, we’re letting KOLONYA™ take us on a journey. #WhereWillKolonyaTakeYou